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We created the design for a platform focused on improving the education of elementary students of Mexico. It is made up of two applications: one in which teachers can create interactive presentations and another in which students experience interactive learning. These presentations are uploaded to an online social community network in which other teachers members of the community can see and share as well presentations created.

With this, it is promoted that the teachers create a better quality of education and material for students since school classes will no longer stay only in class and will be showcased worldwide, and will be receiving likes, comments and awards through the platform. Students experience learning through an application designed with an interactive factory in which different characters that guide students them their classes. The design is inspired by the concept of a knowledge factory in which students will receive an interactive and fun teaching. Baku has a friendly design and overall, with a techy look and feel. The wordmark was designed with round endings that convey confidence and a friendly look and fell, and shadows that communicate the interactive technology in the project.

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